Singularity of Two

1. My Universe

When I was young, I wrote a story of two lovers. Cursed to stay apart, separated by an unending night. All they had, and all that they could not have, was each other... and that was how it ended.

The nature of singularity is that it can only be itself when it is alone, and one is the loneliest number to be. Far from the suns and all the lights, I am the void, and I am full of emptiness... Still there is endless space for more emptiness to fill me.

Another and another pair of stars 
Collided in the lonely sky
Sending sparks
Oh the stardust lighting up the dark
As bright as a promise of summer nights
Still I never did believe in the language of the heart
Of things tender and easily broken 
Because loneliness was as true as can be
But not love, my dear, not to me

Little did I know 
It was only the beginning


2. Your Universe

So when you arrived
I did not know what to think
Or what kind of star I was looking at
I thought myself to have seen it all
Nebulae, the comets, strange quasars 
But it was and still is a kind of wonder 
Every time I am touched by your light 

These eyes of mine saw to the event horizon
But you traveled from beyond
And with you, daybreak
Bringing the dawn

You defy the laws of my universe
Where one is no longer alone
My heart belongs in two places at the same time
Within you, and within me
And time, oh, time ceases to exist
For one may be able to answer
How long is forever
(Sometimes, just one second)
But one could never tell
Just how long is a kiss

Now I understand
The paradox of existence
Before this, there was nothing
Now there is everything
And something more

We are songbirds in flight
Too far above the sky
Suspended in ethereal winds
Unable to make a voice
But still we sing
We sing without a sound
And yet we hear each other somehow

Our rhythm of heartbeat is the beating of our wings 

3. Our Universes

The circuit reads: zero gravity
We are wandering stars spinning
Out of constellations
Lost to the worlds
Finding ourselves in each other

This is our universes, the stories of you and me
All the used-to-happen and meant-to-be  
Parallels, intersections, and timelines in between
We drift skyward
But all around us is the sky
Not knowing the directions
Perhaps I have forgotten where to look
Apart from within your eyes
As you giggle in mischief
For having broken another law of the universe yet again
I am myself with you beside me

We are the singularity of two, waltzing in the night sky. Light years away from this place... one day, an astronomer would look, and look again with puzzled eyes. Trying to figure out what we are, and upon being unable to, records the evidence in wonder...

And gives us a strange,
meaningful name

Written in this book
English Stuffs
yup XD
Stranger in the Night
★ โจรสลัดแห่งหมู่เกาะนับพัน ★


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2 years ago
ตอนนี้ยังไม่มี แต่เดี๋ยวถ้ามีแล้วจะเอามาลงนะะ :)
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ทุกๆประโยคที่เขียนมา มันสวยมากๆเลย ❤ เราชอบอ่านกลอนของ shakespeare ชอบถ้อยคำสวยๆ พออ่านเรื่องนี้จบ บอกเลยสวยไม่แพ้กัน :)

คิดถึงประโยคของ hawking ที่บอกว่า "It would not be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love." เลยค่ะ - จักรวาลกับความรักรวมกันแล้วโรแมนติกจัง :)