Cause of Death: a Love Story

Don't you know that I have already died?

You asked me how could I fend off this ending for so long
I simply don't, is the only truth, my dear
It is a secret, but I have already died
You're not the only one who wants to disappear

With my plan set in motion
Long before my hands held you
My death is a slow, steady burn
An arrow that shall, in time, strike true

For now I have within me
Pills that are better than pills
A bullet that outruns reasons
And a promise to end all misery

Don't you know that you are my cause of death
My weapon of choice
All along my heartbeat is beaten with your voice
At the first moment when your eyes met mine
My vanishing act's awaited finale
I recognized you as the architect of my demise

So ready the guillotine, my Valentine
Let this love bury itself into my bones
Knowing well that one lonely night will arrive
When my empty hand reaches out, trying to find
And you'd already be gone
This love, oh, this love ties itself into a knotted string
Where I hang my heart
A broken thing

With all this love I have, I have for you only
As a lunatic to the moon be
My sentence is death by life
Until it kills me inside when the day is done
And no matter how hurtful it would feel
This is not the end of the world
Even though it surely looks like one

Out of all the deaths I've tried
By highways, by knives, by buildings high
By water, by thunder, by mellow wines
Better death is no other
Than the murder by your eyes

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