New World
The effects of social media have power to shape our life because it can make us forget surrounding friends, change our positive attitude, and interfere personal life. Firstly, it makes us forget to pay attention on surrounding people. For instance, when I hang out with my friends, most of them always give focusing on their cell phone instead of talking and sharing fun story with me. As a result, this can exactly cause my relationship with friends fade.Secondly, attitude is changed. Every day we open our phone to check Facebook, Line, Tweeter and so on. It is like we are inserting others' thought to our lives which can lead to the cliff if that thought is bad and to the heaven if that thought is good.Our attitude can easily be changed if we rely on it.Finally, it is too much interfere to our personal life. What did we do first when we woke up? Of course, picking phone up and touch on screen to update and check various stories through social media. Moreover, it is not only after we wake up but also other times we also spend our precious times with it. These are the damages of being obsessed by social media.
Im enjoyed writing my daily story,but sometimes laziness obsess myself.So, January 8,2018 is a good day to start record my life until my last minute in this world.