Shitty. A shitty day to live indeed.
There is this one morning where you wake up not just quite right.
As if last night you slept on the wrong side of the bed.

Your walk was not right, your breakfast was kind of awry, coffee was not quite the temperature. And the people you met have the tendency to piss you off.

And you tried to find the reason for it

Must have been because of something that go wrong along the way.
So you sit there, contemplating on how life have shat on you.

Then you realised, that sometimes
failure is inevitableNothing lasts forever, never the good days and never does the shitty day. 
Only that what you got today was shitty. A shitty day to live indeed.
Written in this book
This book is not about the meaning of life, it is just my perception of how I view it.
Rotten Soul
We walk this earth for some random reasons. We are set out to find them, some might, some might not. Enjoy the walk.