We are beautiful because of our flaws. Our mistakes make us human.Choices have to be made, weather you like it or not.
Living is all about trade-off, it is the consequences of choices you did not choose.
Often, we end up regretting about our dilemmas, sometime it haunts us in our dream.

Some would live their whole life in insecurities, from choices made that they think were wrong.

The fact is, there is no wrong choice. Life is not about getting all the answers correct.
Life is all about how you stood up and answer to those questions even though you are so sick and tire of the game. 
The choices you chose were right, if it was not. You would not be here.No choice is wrong. We are beautiful because of our flaws. 
Our mistakes make us human.
Written in this book
This book is not about the meaning of life, it is just my perception of how I view it.
Rotten Soul
We walk this earth for some random reasons. We are set out to find them, some might, some might not. Enjoy the walk.