I bet you're a wizard.

   Really, How could you do all of that?

To change the weather anywhere you're at.
Even the coldest day could be magically warm. 

To make a place seemed to have a charm.
Anywhere with you felt like Paris.

To show a bright side in spite of crisis.
No matter how hard situations were, you brought smile on my face.

To always pop up in my personal space.
Honestly, I kinda like it though.

To put sweetness to all my food.
I didn't like sweet things that much but for this, it felt so right.

To convert my blue world into purple.
Just like it's mixed with the pink and became purple so bright.

To let butterflies be in my stomach.
Everytime I saw you, I felt like I might.

To make me fall this hard 
Even there's no hole, I stumbled, rolled and slided.

Really, Are you a wizard?
If you are, can I ask for something?

Please don't make me catch a feeling for you if you don't want to.
Keep your magic for who you truly love.

But if ,only if

You need somebody but don't know who.
Can you change me to that person?

To have all you looking for and being beside you.

Please, if you really have a magic.

Can't you make my wish come true.


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