As One
O you'll never know my deep dark desires
O nor will I turn bare as babes newborn
Hazel marbles shine meet onyx mine
Scattered stardusts fill up the sky
I will paint your soul and drink you dry

O how I dream of your red love
Pouring out of your throat and not your heart
I long to embrace the maroon warmth
Cover my soul with yours the pure and tainted

O all those lies the perfect lines for our show
You are a puppet to my Eris
You are mine to break, love, rebuild and devour
O I will use you because I love you
I will kill you and let you in
We will be forever as one

เป็นกลอนที่ super creepy ได้ inspiration จากหนังสือคอมิคเรื่อง my friend Dahmer
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