I DO: กลอนให้คนไกล
We have come so far
From dusts to diamonds 
Twilight to sunset
We, indeed, have come so far

Is it worth it? Our fellows say
O never have I tasted something more sweet, I said 
And the truth it is, bares before God 

Your lips taste of milk and tea
Combined with bitter coffee and me
Hands caress my hair softly 
Whisper our love into my ear 

Distance is our greatest enemy 
Crooked roads, winding oceans and roaring storms 
But before us they fall
And become nothing but stories to tell

Patience, patience we shall have 
The days are long, stretch into eternity almost 
But the sun keeps setting and the moon keeps going 
My love, sweet love, there will come a day
When our bodies are together not just our hearts 
Sweet darling, when that day comes, my answer is 

Dedicated to YOU
The one who accidentally came into my messed up world and somehow decided to stay. Your goals and ambitions in life are impressive (in a good way). Of course, you had me at the nerdy talk. You are the only one who can 'keep up' with me - academically and humorously. I thank you for being understanding and supportive. The differences between us are quite significant, but darling, with you by my side, we can work it out. You have been gone for a week now, and I really miss your belly. (It's fun to hug your belly) 

Take care,

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