Where Butterflies Are Born

Before the butterflies in my chest
Came fluttering, a-thumping
Like the tick-tick-tick of a nuclear countdown
A firework of emotions and colours
The raggedy click-click-click of a typewriter
Struggling out words, never fast enough
They were there once
Beneath the garden of my soul

Now that the butterflies are gone
And the empty halls of my heart still
Echoing with their songs
Aching for a dance abruptly cut
The next footstep hanging midair
Never quite arriving
I look for what remains

The caterpillars
Gnawing as they go
Through my heart they make holes
They make their home in my bones
They feed and feed as I try to fill the void

The chrysalises
Lethargic, unchanging but changing
A slow quickening
My rib cage is its nest
And the things that bury inside
They have wings and blood and claws
Stronger than mine

And one day, these too
Shall become butterflies

And so I wait
In the blinder-night and the switched-off-night
In the blanket-night and the morning-night
Where worms feed on the pieces of my heart
Where pale things creep and crawl
And nest in the hollow of my bones
Cold as death, but lonelier
Waiting for the day
I shall look at the sky once more
And it would be not as empty as before
As my heart shall be held by a hand yet unknown
Carry close in an embrace before dawn
And the veil of night shall once again be torn
In a place
Where butterflies are born

My heart, my heart
It will be alright

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Stranger in the Night
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