Dear, Lit Snail
I do not often use English writing a blog. But I prefer using English this time because a little snail may at least could understand my words.

I ain't a very creative person, so I may not have much ideas about definitions of friendship. But I am sure, you are one of the best I could ever have. Being a sweet lit snail, you have done a great job so far showing me the other colours of life. I have a lot of fun talking and wandering with you. 

Since you had already told me the thing you wanna, this is my turn.

First of all; even tho I enjoy talking to you as much as how I enjoy reading a book, I do not want you to spend all your night talking to me until 1 o'clock. It might or might not disturb your friends' sleeping but it sure makes your friends thinking that you sink into the sea of passion like a young lit boy.

Second, I do not want you to always stick with me or miss me. I am truly want you to be happy no matter you are with or without me. I, indeed, would be more appreciated, if you only think of me sometimes but feel happy every time you think of me than miss me all the time that causes you feel sad. I would like you to enjoy your life with your friends, family, or co-workers who are more real than I am. 

Bonus is what make you happy, but don't forget that your life actually rely on your income. And to you, I am only a bonus.
Another thing, I want your life to be full of experience. Learning new languages, going to gym or playing basketball with your friends, traveling to new places, making new friends, and doing new things. Don't hold back because of me. I do not want to be your hindrance as one day I might be just another face in the crowd. What I wannna say is I want you to spend your time wisely.

Last, I am thankful for all the thing you have given me: the experience, the smile, the support, and the feel

I did not say those things because I do not want to spend our time together but I do not want you to grow up and look back then find that you have not done much things as you have expected to do. I do not want you to regret for the time you have wasted with me. I want you to grow up to be a man who can stand proudly with full of experience.

Miss You Already,
Written in this book
Dear, Little Snail
I ain't a writer, so I indeed ain't good at writing. I am just a frog who personally likes to read and eat, write and eat, and a long walk and eat. Occasionally wander to some new places.


2 years ago
7 months later , look back your answer , if you still think you are only his bonus to him ? Sure its not .So maybe some times you should give a chance to him and also , just trust him , he will spend the time on the people should be "Waste"
2 years ago
if he looks back and doesn't feel sorry for the tine he had spent with me, then that can't be called a waste. 😊