Short story : (Un)Forgettable, By : 릴리 (***Sorry for my bad grammar.)
(***Type : Drama, Sadness, Romance, Sad story, Thriller(?)***)

. . . . .

   It was Saturday... Rainy Saturday...

   I was played the piano like everyday, by loneliness.

   It was dark inside, but still can see the light from the window.

   While raining outside, I just stay in my room always.

   Because I afraid... I afraid of my memories, not the rain.

   The rain reminds me the memories come back again and again.

   “I miss you, but I missed you.” I still miss you everytime by the rain.

   But I only play the same song everytime I miss you, the same song you like...

   ...To feel like you stay beside me. Despite I feel like that, It never happen.

   I missed you in the rain, before I said “Goodbye” to you.

   After you smiled to me, the street was turned to red color of your blood, like the bloody rain.

   So I know that you never come back again.

   So I miss you like this, by known that I missed you.

   So... If I died too, maybe we can meet again.

   Somewhere on the heaven, or the coffee shop we met.

   “I wanna meet you again...” I cried many times, by known that you never come back forever.

   I still dream about you, you said to me that I must live, even though I don’t have you beside.

   “It’s true that I’m not beside you, but I want you to know... that I just moved inside your heart. Please stay alive... I know it’s hard for you, but your life is priceless more than suicide for me. Don’t be sad anymore. Even though I can’t stay beside you, I still in your heart. You can miss me like always, that makes me like we stay together.”

. . . . .

   It was Sunday... Gloomy Sunday...

   “I’m sorry...”

. . . . .

   It was Monday... Cold Monday...

   “No one in the room?” The young man who stay next door said, and thinking...

   Maybe she goes out to somewhere...

   ...with her boyfriend.

. . . . .

   -End : (Un)Forgettable-

Always in rain.
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