Hello, I am Q
And this is a tale of letters
You may wonder what that might be
But that's okay
Not many of you
May have heard about me

- Five
The difference made clear
Stray thoughts in the night
Nobody knew
How I dreamed in fear
Of not being one of the lights
Oh how I longed to be
One of the lights

- Seven
Revelations came
The second most terrifying thing from death
Was the beginning of it all
I am a tainted thing
A tainted thing

- Sixteen

- Twenty one
I love you >

< I'm sorry

And here we are still
So close but yet too far apart
In the world of zero and one
I am two
I am none
In the world of black and white
I am blue
Too much to tell and too little to say
Slowly fading away
Fading  a  w  a  y

I apologize
For always being so unsure
Sometimes I just don't know how to be me and you
Because our eyes are blinded by shapes and colors (or the lack of)
As we stumble the world, longing for loves deep, lasting, untrue
And such a curse it is, holding on to me
For I will always be
Different from U

Feeling a little bit lost
Perhaps I have strayed too far
From between the M and the W
I'm out among the stars
Losing touch
Losing you
Losing me

But oh,
How could anybody ever
Miss me
At all

With raindrops pouring
Gazing through
The tearful eye of my own storm
Slowly but steadily
I am learning how to see
That whoever I am
Whoever I shall be
I must always carry
My own heart
With me


Q and their starry dreams

Written in this book
English Stuffs
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Stranger in the Night
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