A girl who can't stop thinking of him

You're out there
Somewhere in this big, big world

We accidentally met at the corridor, when other people were busily finding their place

It turned out that we took the same course, with the same classroom.

More than taking the same course and being a classmate, it appeared that our seat were opposite to each other

what a coincidence, huh

Two hours passed, our class ended for that day

Apart from the lesson, I'd learnt that you, with a nerdy glasses on your face which make you look more like a geek, were kinda cute

Three classes passed but we've ever talked to each other just once

Thanks to my lovely classmate

At that moment, I did nothing but tried not to look straight into your eyes

Actually im kind of talkative person though

Also, that moment was when I realized you were much taller than me

I didn't notice this before though

I'm just almost up to your shoulder actually

which made me feel uncomfortable even more

In this super late time, instead of sleeping soundly on bed, I'm sitting on a chair, holding my phone and thinking of you

sounds a bit psycho right lol

actually i don't really care about that though

what comes to my mind now is that

Even THESE are really just a coincidence, I wish it will continue as long as it can

It would be GOOD if we had a chance to get to know more and more

I wish it would be

soon :)

By : Pupu

Just a story of a girl who cant stop thinking of a boy she met at her extra English course. :P
Written in this book
Short Story
Fail Dreamer
A stupid girl with a stupid crush