From me, who have been hurt from maturity
It is not easy, growing up
I know it's going to be difficult

But little did I know
That it's going to be this hard

It is just as,
When you were a kid, you pointed to the rainbow and laughed

You were so happy, just because you saw the dog, breathed the fresh air and ran around

You laid yourself on the field, smell the grass, drank the nectar from the flower and sang insanely

You cried for hugs, for attention, for love. Since you were a kid, you would get them all, then you became happy again

Many years later, the same girl, the same rainbow but she doesn't do those things anymore

The same air was blue, the weather was cold, the rain was flooding
She craves for air and shelter
She tries her hardest to open her eyes, but she cannot

She cannot wake up, this is not a dream

Her greatest fear is a nightmare, but who would have known, that her life was one

She sat, ran her hand through her hair, and wondered why god would give her such obstacles

Yet, there's something that hasn't changed

No matter how many years had passed, she still cries for hugs, doesn't she?

actually, all of us still do, we just need a comfort zone to hide ourselves once in a while

But my dear, tell me what has happened?
Why has your vision become grey and cloudy?
Why don't you enjoy those things anymore?

Through stages, and years of maturity,
Through all your scars,
had it harden you, or soften you?

You do not smile as easily as you used to do

It's fine, it's totally fine
Just cry, scream, loudly,


It's alright to lost your path sometimes
It's no problem to be frustrated, and it doesn't matter at all to wander somewhere else

We all just need an escape before coming back to track again

What matters is that

Who are YOU to yourself?

Are you the girl you always wanted to be?

Are you happy with yourself?

Are you becoming the people who hurt you, the people you swear you never gonna be?

To whoever's reading this, you know what,

Just keep in mind that
You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think

Whatever happens, please don't let those moments toxicated you

Get up, dress up and never give up




4 years ago
"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think" I love this sentence.