A deceiver's confession.
I love how you always know when I start talking lies.
I love it the most when you're not even hesitate to recite it directly to me that I am a liar.
I even crave for more of your cruel words and violent acts.
That is why, why I never stop being a liar.
I'll continue spitting out those disgusting words that I hate.
I hate them, I hate myself, but I love you.
I love you, your cruel words, your violent acts, your ungraceful behaviors that no one is permitted to see but me.
Throw away what I have loved, go ahead.
Throw away everything I have,
but not to throw myself away.
Keep me, and save me.
Granted me again of everything you took from me.
That pen, that sweet boy, that heart, that body, I give up everything for the sake of my little space on your motorcycle, your messy room, and your deceiving soul.
Let me continue biting your shoulders.
Then, pushing me off and say how dirty I am.
Say, how dirty, how weak, and how bad I am.
As long as it's yours, I don't mind that shameful but passionate glance you look on me.
And hold me again, like how you did in that lonely night when no one can see.
Slightly rub the sharp remaining of your mustache on my shoulders and my cheeks, just like how you did under the shade of the roof.
I know that she's watching, that sweet innocent girl who's trying to be your girlfriend.
Nah, let her be.
You're such a cute couple, a perfect match, I said.
She's good. I don't mind calling her my sister, as long as I can call you my brother while running my fingers through the back of your head and burying my face in your chest.
My brother, my beloved honoured brother.
Under the daylight I'll call you like this with my childish voice, while thinking of how shining the lights in your room were last night. 
a tofu