On Trump's Presidency
I am no American, but I have had a lot of exposure to American culture. And despite not carrying its citizenship, I am still very invested in its developments. I consider myself a person of multiple cultures - a mix breed of Thai, Chinese and American influences, in no particular order. And to say that I am interested in changes in America would be an understatement - I seriously like the country; several of my close relatives live there; and many of my close friends also live there.

But the America that I know is so different from what I can glean from Mr.Trump's campaign. My time at Harvard, in particular, couldn't have been more different.

As a foreign student from a country under a military regime, where the only cultural impact it has made to the world is Pad Thai, and where countless tourists have flocked to for no reasons other than booze and prostitution, there was basically no reason for people to respect me, much less care about me.

Yet respected I was, and cared about as well. Apart from having a name that is difficult to pronounce by speakers of pretty much every foreign language, I faced almost no obstacles in establishing my place in the communities at Harvard. People were curious to know where I came from, but they never judged me for it. People took note of my odd name, but they still tried their best to pronounce it. People noticed my different look, but they did not act based on it.

Such environment gave me one of the most, if not the most, liberating and encouraging experiences in my life. It was such an enlightening opportunity when one came in expecting to be prejudiced against, only to come out realizing how mistaken they had been. This is not what anyone would expect from Mr.Trump's time as president.

I feel sorry for people in America because such great atmosphere will most likely wane, on a national level. My heart goes out to those who yearn for something different for themselves and their country. But as long as there is life, there is hope. And I wish you all the best.
Free Thinker
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