DAY 15 : Day off in Nagoya
I have skipped writing for a few days :P That's because I pretty much do the same thing everyday. The 'wake up - pottery - lunch - pottery - dinner - sleep' routine. The weather is getting much warmer. No more rain. There was one day I couldn't concentrate, I had to walked down hill to vending machine and get some cold can of Coca-Cola.

But today I had a day-off !! Yayyy.

So I decided to go to Nagoya. This is the first time I'm taking the local bus by myself. It doesn't even exist on Google Maps, so I asked Sensei. Once I hopped onto the bus, I realised everyone in the bus are so old. Combine everyone's ages, I think we may reach thousands years. I guess Seto is really an old rural town. When you get into the local bus, you will receive a ticket, and you pay when you hop off. I managed to guess everything because there were no English texts. Well done to myself!

Then I had to catch two more trains until finally reached 'Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium'. Well, there're many attractions in Nagoya, but since I love animals, this is on my top list. It took about 2 hours from home to get here.

The aquarium has two buildings, north and south. The north one is where they have dolphins, killer whales, and belugas. I was there just in time for the 'dolphin performance' It was sooooo adorable. I'm so jealous of the people who work there. It looks so much fun to train and play with the dolphins. I wonder what does it take to be in that position. I don't know if I wanna be a zoo-keeper in Thailand though. I can't think of a good zoo or aquarium in Thailand. I think the tanks are a bit too small for all these big creatures, but oh well, they get to eat a lot of food while training.

For the south building, mostly there are tropical marine life, lots of sardines, and penguins. This building was quite sad. The conditions were not good. I saw some dead and injured fish. The tanks are very small and some are dirty. The penguins are very crowded. And there's one sad sugar glider in a dark cage randomly out of no where. I had lunch in the food court, and bought some souvenirs. Then I headed out to Osu.

According to my research, this is a big shopping street where there're a lot of variety and cheap products. It's kinda like JJ+Sumpeng, but nicer and a lot cleaner. I really enjoyed myself especially on the second-hand street. I only bought 2 pants though, cause I wanna save money for Tokyo. It's Tuesday, so there're not many people. It was easy to just walk and window-shopping.

End of the day, my feet are sore. So I grab some snacks from Familymart, and headed home. It was a good day and I'm sleepy already :D !!


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ก็ว่าหายไปไหน หุหุหุ
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หลายวันมานี้รู้สึกเหงาๆ อ่อ..ไม่ได้อ่านไดอารี่นี่เอง :)) หายแระ
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ดีใจจจจจจ > /// <