Let's Fight Big Boss!!
I used to post about this when i first started my career 10 years ago (10 years already!?? 555)

I somehow forgot about it .. wandering through lots of exams in life

Some I passed and a lot I failed
I did make mistakes and some were too deep to recover

Yet, life is life
Everything, good and bad, are parts of me

At the vert first days of my career, I was fun with everything. I went after all hard work that i didn't even know how to resolve when I took it

Every piece of hard work was like a high level boss in a game

It was fun!! And we would get lots of levels up and rare items as a reward when we defeated them

That's what I used to think
I used to stay late or even worked hard during weekends just for finding a way to pass them.

I was like a monster (a cute one, absolutely! 555) but didn't feel bad or got tired at all. Instead, I had endless supply of power and that was one of my happiest moments in life!

Time flies..
.. and I totally forgot that feeling

I was afraid of hard and complicated tasks.
I don't want to fail.. I became a person that tried to avoid almost every problems in all aspects of life

.. Don't come near me
.. Don't take me there

The higher we are, the more we are afraid to fail.

And I also got caught in that trap

For some reason, i have just realized :)
I brought back that great mindset of my young me

Every hard issues are just like big bosses in a game! Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid of not being able to pass it through

In our real and endless missions called life, we would face tons of big bosses every day.

Let's defeat them all and enjoy them
Let's get levels up and enjoy them

and we will be rewarded with lots of rare items in hand!! ^___^

The young me guaranteed that!!! ^___^
I believe life is beautiful and full of possibilities. I love to travel to see the world with my own eyes, touch the nature with my own body and soul. This is my favorite quote :) "Dance like no one is watching Sing like no one is listening Love like you've never been hurt And live like it's heaven on earth -- Mark Twain"